⚠️ FUD against Kudex
FUD has been spread about Kudex, claiming that we are able to rug-pull the project. This is false, and here's why:
On July 11th, 2021, RugDoc.io published their review and risk-estimate of
The RugDoc.io review of Kudex
Kudex was rated as 'Medium Risk', with some warnings regarding the functionality of our staking contract. We will address each of these points on this page; so you can stop worrying and sleep soundly.
  • 100% deposit fees possible
    If we were to change the deposit fees on our pools and farms to 100%, it would take an extremely short time before the entire KCC community is aware of it, and our project would die with absolute certainty. We profit off of swap and deposit fees, so it's in our best interest that
    Kudex stays alive and kicking. Doing this would be akin to shooting ourselves in the face.
  • Masterchef currently not behind a timelock
    Since we have removed the migrator code, there is little reason for a time lock to be added to the contract, it would significantly delay token listings and pool additions / updates, as well as create unnecessary risks of human error. See our page 'No Time Lock' for more information about this subject.
  • Project is using their own router
    Yes, we are a DEX. Feel free to follow the advice of doing small test transactions.
  • swapAndLiquify tokens are sent to the operator wallet. Please clarify with the project on how they plan to use this
    The 4% liquidity tax on
    KUD Token transfers is sent to the deployer wallet, we can utilize the
    KCS Tokens of this pair for marketing and development costs. The
    KUD Tokens are NEVER sold. We do not sell
    KUD Tokens and never have, you can verify this by going through the deployer wallet's transaction history. (There were some testing buys and sells before launch, of around 5-10
    KUD Tokens).
  • Anti-Whale can be set artificially low, which could impede / block transfers. Currently 1.25%
    Yes, we could indeed block transfers of the
    KUD Token this way. Again, akin to shooting ourselves in the face. How we could profit off of this? Nobody knows, we don't own more than 2% of the
    KUD Token's supply and our initial liquidity is locked.
We hope that this sufficiently debunks the baseless FUD accusations against
Kudex, if you have any questions, feel free to send a DM to 'Always Green' on TG.
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